Vision & Mission


Our goal is to improve the country’s commerce education standards so that it becomes the dream location for all young aspirants looking to work in the finance and commerce sectors.


Our Mission is to provide comprehensive education in the fields of commerce, finance, and professional education under one roof in order to fulfill the growing educational/business demands of the country. We aim to empower each individual student by giving them a unique and confident identity, and to inspire a transformative change in mindset by instilling a sense of hope and motivation.

In the constantly changing global environment, curriculum changes do not happen as quickly to keep up with business demands. While academicians only teach what is prescribed, business looks outside the textbook. The student feels unprepared in these situations.   At Santosh Reddy Commerce Academy, we recognize the disconnect between industry and academia and provide students with programs that foster their intellectual development as well as soft skill development training to enhance their leadership, interpersonal, and communication talents.

Our alumni, who are experiencing success in their jobs/career across a range of sectors, are living proof that the hard and soft skill training that was provided had a positive impact. We lay the groundwork for students to pursue jobs and careers in international markets through our CA+ Technology courses. We want our students to take advantage of business and management opportunities and develop into global leaders. Soft skill training and communication lab sessions are introduced to ensure holistic development while gaining technical competence.