About Us


About us

Santosh Reddy Commerce Academy –In Search of Excellence

Santosh Reddy Commerce Academy has thousands of students enrolled in a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs and strong student-faculty relationships; the Santosh Reddy group is a comprehensive Commerce & Management institution of excellence with a student-centered focus.

With an outstanding award-winning Chairperson – Mr. Santosh Kumar Reddy – A Chartered Accountant – and a dynamic staff,Santosh Reddy Commerce Academy has more than 10,000 students enrolled in its programs. It fosters a culture of excellence throughout with our whole faculty that supports teaching, learning throughout one’s life, research, and innovation.

We at the Santosh Reddy Commerce Academy are prepared to transform commerce education and offer a bewildering array of career options to the current student generation in this continuously expanding and job-potential environment.

We are the only organization in Hyderabad that offers global financial vocations under one roof, presenting a counterpoint to the popular courses like engineering and the medical field.

About Santosh Reddy Commerce Academy

One of the most thriving and prestigious institutions, Santosh Reddy Commerce Academy offers global programs in management and commerce that include single programs such as-

  • CA – IPCC

Our CA+ Technology programs as well as relevant certifications to our students help them stand out in the job market. Santosh Reddy Commerce Academy focuses on the student’s holistic development, including both technical and soft skills.With this in mind, the Santosh Reddy Commerce Academy Group has former Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Cost Accountants who have developed “Santosh Reddy Commerce Academy,” as a foolproof response to all the problems the country’s commerce education is currently facing.The Santosh Reddy Commerce group is committed to developing a cutting-edge platform for students of commerce and finance that is relevant, futuristic, and in step with the most recent trends and technological breakthroughs.

Our young and vibrant faculty is the ideal combination of professional experience in the classroom and in the business world. They have respectable pedagogical skills gained through their years of teaching.Our case study methodology, workshop-based training, and market analysis in the classroom give our students a view of what the market wants. Such a strategy has inspired our students to acquire solid domain knowledge in addition to employable abilities.Since intermediate students’ thoughts are like young, unopened flowers, emphasis is also placed on extracurricular activities and sports that help these developing minds bloom.

In the past seven years, we have developed and enhanced our instructional strategy. We believe in advancing with the times, and the twenty-first century is the technological age. As a result, we employ cutting-edge concepts to pique students’ interest with the aid of technology.Our faculty strives to connect with each student on a personal level through innovative instructional methods. Every student, in our opinion, is creative in his or her own unique way.At Santosh Reddy Commerce Academy, we work to give students enrolled in our programs not only information, but also a feeling of direction. To assist the students in finding their serenity, activities like yoga and meditation are offered.